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Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

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Our Belief and Mission

 We believe the world, and it’s people, are better off with more Reiki.  Sharing Reiki for FREE is our way of giving back to the world and so we decided to start sending Reiki out for Free to anyone and everyone who requests it. Every. Single. Day.

As people who are drawn to helping others, we often neglect our own self care, so when a practitioner signs up to give, they also sign up to recieve and being committed to helping others turns into a commitment to also help ourselves. 

Each of our individual health, through daily Reiki will help to make the world a calmer, healthier, more balanced world.

Take a moment to envision a world where everyone is getting Reiki everyday.  Wouldn’t that just be incredible?  

How it works

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Ready to jump in? Just fill out the form below.  We’ll introduce you to the community, and share your business contact information with our followers, and you’re all set to continue your work of making the world a better place, with Reiki and all of us by your side.

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We have two private Facebook communites set up and ready to flourish.  Join and contribute to both to help us foster a thriving supportive Reiki community.

send reiki to our subscribers

Whether its every day, or every Tuesday, you choose how often you commit to sending Reiki.  The time of day doesn’t matter either.  Just intend for the energy you send to meet up with the energy from the other project practitioners and you’re on your way. 

feel good about giving & receiving 

While we feel a one on one relationship with a healer is best, FREE Reiki, and a daily practice is something to feel good about.  Your getting and giving regular Reiki can only bring positive change to your life, and the world around you.

Participating Practitioner Registration

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Practicing Practitioner Registration Form

We are excited that you have chosen toto help make the world a better place by joining the Daily Reiki Project! Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible, and get ready to make the world a better place with daily Reiki.
This will be the title that we use to introduce you to the recipient list. eg. Please welcome your name goes here, TITLE. so I would introduce myself in the following way, "Please welcome Karisa Prestera, Usui Reiki Master as our newest participating practitioner. My title would be Usui Reiki Master.
eg. Usui, Crystal, Holy Fire, etc
Please note that we are only accepting practitioners who are level 2 or above at this time as we are solely a distance healing service.
Practitioners that send Reiki to The Daily Reiki Project do not need to commit to sending Reiki EVERY single day, though we would love it if you would. You will have the opportunity to commit to a number of days per week below.
Nick and Karisa send Reiki every day to all of the registered recipients. The more of us who do, the more powerful and consistant the Reiki will become, however we understand how busy life is, so only commit to what you know you can do. It all will be welcome and appreciated.

Woo Hoo! Almost done. Just a little more info for our records

This address will be used to tell people what area you are sending Reiki from and just in case we want to send out a card or gift to you. It will not be shared on our website.
Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 256 MB.
Please upload a picture that shows your face clearly and has no other people in it.
A short paragraph that describes yourself or your business in a way that will help our members clients know know you better. Include things like how long you've been practicing, where you're from, how you got started or any core values or beliefs you want to share. We will use parts of this to introduce you, and this may attract potential Reiki clients for your business, if it's written in a way that makes people feel drawn to you.
Would you like your contact information to be shared with our members?*
Note: You don't have to fill out your complete address above if you don't have an office or would not like to share your office address publicly. Your email, website and phone number will be shared as well as your City/Country if you clieck Yes. City and Country will be shared regardless of your answer to this question.