You are already fufilling your life’s purpose


Sometimes people seek out Reiki because they feel lost and are hoping Reiki will help them find their life’s purpose.   While I think Reiki is invaluable in helping people find balance in their lives and helping to eliminate blocks that might be holding them back from fulfillment, I also feel it’s important to know that you are already fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Many years ago now (probably close to 20) I was talking with my father on the phone.  I was feeling pretty stressed out as I had taken a job that didn’t pay very much money and was wondering where on earth I was going with my career and frankly my life.   Why hadn’t I gotten further along?  Why had I not found my passion yet?  How come I didn’t have a 401K? and most importantly did he think I was a failure. 

I have a lot of respect for my dad.  We have a lot of things in common, and a lot of things about us that are very different, but what matters most here,  is that he’s my dad, and like a lot of young women getting my dad’s love, respect, admiration, and APPROVAL was a pretty big deal to me, so what he said next really struck a chord.

My dad was a high level manager at the time at a very big well known corporation. He’d worked there for a long time and he’d made a pretty successful career for himself.  That’s all fine and good, but the part of him that resonates most with me is his ever curious mind.  He’s always seeking the truths that make the world go round.  He’s looking under the rocks that not everyone is willing to turn over and he dives in head first to really experience the things he discovers and applies them to his life to see if they really work.   

My dad was the guy sitting in his recliner, not watching sports but listening to meditation tapes and reading books on how to discover your true self.  He was the person who attuned me to both Reiki levels 1 and 2 and assisted me when I sought to get my mastership.   He vacationed often in Sedona looking for energy centers, spoke with psychics, aliens, spirit guides and feng shui consultants.  He starts businesses and makes lists.   My dad is really a neat guy and has been a total inspiration for me.   Once he told me he learned the answer to everything.  He has yet to tell me what it is, but when he gave me this counsel on my career, I took his word for it.  Here’s what he said, and I want you to read it carefully and take it to heart because it goes for you too.   It goes for all of us. 

Reiki Recipient List carved into lavendar heart shaped soap

He said

“Kid, you were put on this planet with a higher purpose for your soul. It doesn’t matter if you pump gas or become an astronaut, you are ALREADY fulfilling your higher purpose and you will continue to do so no matter what career you chose.” 

Those words wouldn’t have made more impact if they came straight from the clouds in the booming voice of God.  He went on to explain that he thought my purpose was talking to people as it seemed to him that’s what I was really good at and since I’d been doing it from the time I was 1.5 years old.  That made sense, but it didn’t really seem like a higher purpose to me. Either way, I felt that what he said was true and it gave me great relief to know that not only did I have his approval, but that I no longer had to worry about what to do with my life.

From My Heart to Yours

I’ve since done more work around this topic and have come to the conclusion that talking to people is in fact an integral tool in my life’s purpose.   I feel extra drawn to the idea that living authentically and talking freely about it allows other people to do the same.  My acceptance of others is meant to give them permission to be truly themselves, and my special gift on this planet appears to be loving people so completely that they can not help but to heal and grow.   I love my higher purpose and have decided that with that it makes sense that I can’t do grueling brain work during the day that might wear down my body and soul and leave me unable to fulfill my soul’s purpose.

So here is what I have to say to you Today. 

“ Listen Kid, do not worry about your career. Your soul has a higher purpose and no matter what you are doing, or how much money you are making, or what your title is, you are ALREADY fulfilling it.  Want to know what it is?  What have you been doing for as long as you can remember, that feeds you and makes your heart sing?  Find that, and you’ve found your purpose.” 

Mine is loving you.  

Karisa Prestera

Your Reiki Master from Afar

Reiki does not heal you; Reiki simply provides you the space and path that allows you to heal yourself. It is my intention to share the gift and the path of Reiki with as many people as are willing and open to receiving it, so that each person might find the space to relax, breathe, connect with their higher self and heal.

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