How I send distance Reiki

How I send distance Reiki

How I send distance Reiki

There are many ways to send Reiki long distance.   One of the beautiful things about Reiki is how absolutely simple it is.  And the ability to make each session unique.  Each practitioner has their own way of doing it.  When a person becomes attuned as a Reiki II practitioner, they are given a set of symbols to use in their practice and one of them is the HON SHA ZE SHO NEN symbol, which is the distance healing symbol in Reiki.   The practitioner simply thinks of the person they want to send Reiki to, draws the symbol in their mind’s eye or chants the name of the symbol and then intends to send Reiki to the recipient.  Ta Da!  Done!  Most of us don’t stop there though.    

There are other ways as well and different energetic healers do different things.  When I’m doing a one on one distance healing session, I often use a doll or a stuffed animal as a surrogate and treat the doll much the same way I would do it if there were a person on my table.   There are “proper hand positions” with Reiki that I usually use in one on one sessions that don’t work out quite the same way with a surrogate because the surrogate is usually so much smaller than a live person.  That being said, I can still do a body scan to find areas where the person’s energy is stuck and work those areas first, and I can also use different healing symbols with the surrogate much the way I would with a live human.  I can fluff or smooth the aura of the surrogate, I can ground the surrogate after I’m done, and I can smudge away the stuck energy that’s been released.  It’s all good, but what if I’m treating a whole bunch of people at the same time like I do with The Daily Reiki.

When I began the Daily Reiki Project, It was simply a list of names written on a sticky note.  Then the names took up both sides.  Some got crossed off and more got added and I had to rewrite the list.  

So I decided the list should be digital, and that folks should be able to add themselves on and take themselves off the list at will, like an email newsletter.  So that’s just what I did, I started a mailing campaign account, created a form and now people can sign up to get free Reiki whenever they like.   They can stay on the list forever, or they can unsubscribe, which simply removes them from the list and they no longer receive Reiki when I send it out each day.   I only have to think of the list and those who have signed up for it and intend to send them Reiki.

It is my intention to create my very own Reiki Symbol that represents The Daily Reiki Project’s Recipient list, so that other Reiki Practitioners can join me in sending daily Reiki to the project’s recipients, but I’m not quite there yet.   So for now they can just intend to send Reiki to The Daily Reiki Project Recipient list and that will do the trick.  They can write that down on a piece of paper, or just hold the name in their mind and intend to send Reiki.

Reiki Recipient List carved into lavendar heart shaped soap

I like to have something to channel the Reiki into that represents my clients, like the surrogate we talked about earlier, but for a whole group would I need a stack of surrogates?  No, I don’t think so.  That’s why I recommend using a piece of paper with the name of the project written on it, but for me personally I wanted a little more.   So yesterday I woke up inspired to carve the name of the list onto a beautiful lavender heart shaped soap my parents brought back to me from France. With a metal toothpick intended to hold olives on a martini glass,  I carved “The Daily Reiki Project” on one side and “Recipient List” on the other.  I love it.  I love the weight of it in my hands and the way it warms up as I channel the Reiki energy into it.  I love the smell of lavender as I hold it. So far it’s the perfect fit for The Daily Reiki Project.

My Distance Reiki Process

Here is the step by step process I use for sending Daily Distance Reiki Treatments to The Daily Reiki Project Recipient list.


  1.  Find a comfortable position where I can sit without crossing my legs.  I usually prop myself up on my bed and stack pillows up behind my back and head, as I’ve made it a habit to send Reiki first thing after I wake up on most days.
  2. Take the surrogate into my hands (in this case it’s the heart soap, but it could be a handwritten list, or any other object I intend to represent the recipients)
  3. Begin by saying this incantation.
  4. Turn on my 30 minute Reiki Playlist from Youtube
  5. Draw the cho ku rei (empowerment) symbol in my mind to super charge the energy flow.
  6. Draw the Sei He Ki symbol for mental and emotional healing
  7. Draw the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for the distance healing and finish it off 
  8. Draw the Master symbol Dai Ko Miyo to heal us in all dimensions.
  9. Intend to be a clear channel for the Reiki to flow through to the recipients and myself. 
  10. Breathe slowly and deeply and keep my mind clear.
  11. Sit there and channel the energy until the music stops.
  12. Close by asking that the Reiki continue to flow as it is needed today, and sealing the energy in with another cho ku rei.
  13. Brush the stuck energy away with my hands, put down the surrogate, and then brush my own aura clear for grounding.

The Incantation

“We are surrounded by the white light of the source, it protects us and keeps us from harm.  I ask our higher selves, our ascended Reiki Masters, our Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and any other entities that come in light and love to assist us with this balancing so that it might do the highest good for our bodies, minds and spirits and allow us to heal in the present, past and future and in any dimension in which we need healing. So be it.”

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